Guest post: The best career choices for those with travel fever!

The best career choices for those with travel fever!

By Manvendra Kikkeri

Feel like being in a different city every night? The jobs listed below maybe just what you need to start living your wandering dreams .Everyone has had that feeling of just wanting to quit their boring mundane desk job and just go on an infinite vacation, it might seem hard to believe but there are jobs out there that involve a lot of travel and don’t involve you being part of a large energy sapping corporate .The article below is how you can live, travel and explore all while you earn money to keep your adventure going.

For the more adventurous readers you could even go to your dream destination and then find a job. A great job search tool is Neuvoo .The website has over sixty countries listed on it and numerous jobs in each of those countries so no matter where you go you should have no trouble finding a job.

For those who would like to have a job that involves travel here are some good options to explore.

I will start the list of travel friendly jobs with the job that should be a no brainer on this list. But fair warning, these jobs aren’t all about sipping cocktails on a different beach every afternoon they take dedication and tireless effort like most other jobs.

Pilot or air staff: Maybe we should get the obvious one out of the way .This job definitely means being in a different city every night or at least very often as now some low cost carriers prefer to have their pilots and other staff fly back to the city where the carrier is based to save on hotel room costs .However still a great option especially if you manage to land a job with one of the larger carriers.


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Super tutor: This is one that is a fairly new on the list and one very few people have heard of and even fewer have the skill and the mind set to do on a day to day basis. Super tutors are like regular tutors but are the few exceptional ones that can make students grades jump two levels in a matter of months no matter how distracted or stubborn the student might be .You might ask who hires super tutors? The answer is simple ,the super wealthy .Billionaires are often willing to pay exorbitant amounts of money for personal tutors to teach their students and since the world’s super wealthy often travel you will too (all expenses paid ) if you can manage to get their children the grades it takes to get into Ivy league universities .

Ski, snowboard or surf instructor: This one is just an absolute dream .Ski and snowboard instructors are often paid a good sum of money and often charge by the hour, more over after the season ends if you wish you could go back to a more financially rewarding job or if the travel bug has bitten you bad enough you could travel the other hemisphere and continue teaching.

There is nothing more relaxing than being paid to work on the beach .It is always summer is some part of the world and being a surf instructor is probably a dream job for many .


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Wildlife photographer: This one is definitely for the more hardened traveler ,being a wild life photographer practically gives you an excuse to travel to any country in the world in the name of work .This job however does require immense discipline as getting that award winning shot doesn’t exactly happen on your first day of the job .


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Disc Jockey: Well if you asked a bunch of guys on the street one in probably five would say they are some kind of DJ .The great thing about this is music is pretty much a universal language making the boundaries of landing a job anywhere in the planet very easy. You should probably find the right balance between having an international appeal and adding your own flavor to stand out from the millions of others holding a laptop and oversized headphones calling themselves DJs. Courses are not that hard to come by either and are often no longer than a few months .

Hotel and cruise ship Staff: If something a little more corporate if for you then maybe this could be a great option .Though dealing with people‘s complaints doesn’t seem very glamourous, high-end hotels can be located in some of the most exotic destinations in the world .You would probably be working weekends and long hours depending on your position but if you don’t mind heading to your local bar or having a night out even when it’s a Monday then maybe this is for you. Cruise ships are definitely not for those who get home sick but that probably won’t happen as the entire crew normally goes to one of the many nightclubs onboard as soon as their shift is over.


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Travel Guide or tour coordinator : If you speak multiple foreign languages and you don’t mind repeating the same rehearsed speech several times a day this is probably for you .You would definitely get to meet people from all over the world at tourist destinations which could be great .Do watch out as these jobs tend to be seasonal .


Image source :tourist guide system


English teacher: You are probably reminded of the days you gave your high school teachers a tough time however now more companies’ need people with good command over the English language to train their staff which probably means working fewer hours and getting paid more than if you were teaching at a school.


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Hotel mystery shopper: The reason I have written these two under one category is because they aren’t too different from each other .A mystery shopper is often hired by hotels to test their service staff and give feedback on everything from the food to the quality of the shampoo in the hotel .These people are often paid very well ,in the past these mystery shoppers often used to travel alone and ask staff trying questions that made them easy to spot by hotel staff (often by the concierge) ,after identifying the mystery shopper the staff would quickly clean up their act ,now mystery shoppers are often encouraged to bring their family and friends because staying for free in hotels wasn’t a big enough perk already .

Working from home : I know this sounds like the complete opposite of job that requires you to travel however most people who work from home only need their laptops and maybe their phones. A Wi-Fi connection is available at any coffee shop anywhere in the world making working from home ironically a great way to travel .

Remember that unless you love what you’re doing you’re probably not going to like it no matter how much you travel so always pick a profession that you like! Anyway thank you for reading and happy traveling!


Around the world in 8 songs July 2013

Country: Scotland

Artist: Mylo

Song: Guity of Love

Mylo (Myles MacInnes) is a Sottish DJ and producer who has provided remixes for artists like The Killers, Amy Winehouse and The Knife to name a few. His songs have a funky electronic beat. Mylo’s success has been a catalyst for a burgeoning dance music scene in the Isle of Skye.

Country: Turkey

Artist: Tarkan

Song: Kuzu Kuzu

Tarkan was (and still is) one of my favorite artists. I heard of him from a penpal I had when I was younger, and fell in love with his voice the first time I heard him. Known for his sexy dance beats, infused with Turkish flavor and controversal lyrics (by Turkish standards), he is one of the few pop artists that has managed to span his success over three continents, without singing in English. Though he does speak, sing, and have Englsih tracks. According to the Washington Post, his effect on Turkey can be compared to Elvis Presley in the U.S.

Country: Puerto Rico

Artist: Tito El Bambino

Song: desnudarte

Tito El Bambino (Efraín David Fines Nevares) is a Puerto Rican pop artist. As a Latin pop singer, this man is quite talented. He is able to create multiple generes of works that always seem to be highly addictive and catchy. In 2010 his song, “El Amor”, written with Joan Ortiz Espada, was awarded Latin Song of the Year by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He was awarded Songwriter of the Year at the 2011 ASCAP.

Country: Berlin

Artist: Stero Total

Song: C’est la mort

Stereo Total is a Berlin-based multilingual, French-German duo comprising Françoise Cactus (born Françoise Van Hove and formerly co-leader of the West Berlin band Les Lolitas) and Brezel Göring. Their songs are very playful and catchy. Though they don’t always make sense.

Country: Canada

Artist: Alanis Morissette

Song: Ironic

Alanis Nadine Morissette (born June 1, 1974) is a Canadian and American singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and actress. She has won 16 Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards, was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. Morissette began her career in Canada, and as a teenager recorded two dance-pop albums, Alanis and Now Is the Time, under MCA Records Canada. Her first international album was the rock-influenced Jagged Little Pill, released in 1995. Jagged has sold more than 33 million units globally. Her following album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, was released in 1998 and was a success as well. Morissette took up producing duties for her subsequent albums, which include Under Rug Swept, So-Called Chaos and Flavors of Entanglement. Her eighth studio album, Havoc and Bright Lights, was released on August 28, 2012. Morissette has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide. Morissette is also known for her powerful and emotive mezzo-soprano voice.[8] She has been dubbed as the “Queen of alt-rock angst.”

Country: China

Artist: Miriam Yeung

Song: Biting Lips

The first song I heard form Cantopop and Hong Kong Actress, Miriam Yeung, was Flashing Spirits. That song however, is impossible to find. But it did lead me to discover other songs from her and I’ve been a fan ever since. Before becoming a singer, she was a nurse. She entered the entertainment industry after coming third in the TVB 14th annual New Talent Singing Awards competition in 1995.

Country: Romania

Artist: Andreea Banica

Song: Le Ri Ra

Andreea Banica is a Romanian pop singer whose talent was noticed at 6. She managed to trick her way into a music contest (at the time she was too young to participate) where she won first prize.

Country: England

Artist: Basement Jaxx

Song: Raindrops

Basement Jaxx are a British electronic dance music duo consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. The pair got their name from the regular club night they held in their hometown of Brixton, London, UK. They first rose to popularity in the late 1990s. As the British Hit Singles & Albums book duly noted “they surfaced from the underground house scene, are regular transatlantic club chart-toppers and won the BRIT Award for Best Dance Act in 2002 and 2004

Dating in Brazil: The Beach Test

Dating isn’t easy, is it ladies. It should be. It should be a whole lot of fun, but certain rules and customs can make it…suck. One of my least favorite would have to be the Brazil’s famous “beach test.” This is basically a chance for a guy to rate and judge your body.

Typically, this is how it works. If you meet a guy during the evening on let’s say a Friday night and you two have good conversation, a few laughs, and generally a good time, he’ll then invite you to go out to the beach the next day. The naive girl in me says “oh yes, that sounds like fun. I love the beach.” But sand castles, and water sports are the last thing on the guy’s mind. The beach test is simply a way for a guy to see and judge your “curves.” If he likes what you sees, he’ll take you out that night or the next day; but if not, you probably won’t hear from him again.

Not only is this test completely shallow, it’s also degrading. A woman should not have to be downsized to how she sports her bikini to be considered worthy of dating. What is truly pathetic about this test (in addition to everything else) is that most guys won’t ask you to the beach unless they already kind of like you anyway. Thus, a woman may be as charming as ever and a guy can decide that mentally and emotionally he likes her, but because her butt isn’t a perfect 10 in his books, he won’t date her…seriously?

Any woman who has ever been on a date already feels vulnerable and under pressure to look good and be impressive; the last thing she needs is for some guy to “test” whether or not he thinks she’s sexually desirable.

Brazilian women joke that winter is a better time to meet guys, because you have an excuse to avoid the “beach test.” Others suggest bringing a wrap or something that will cover you up. I say skip the beach all together. If he really wants to get to know you better, let him take you to one of the many lovely places in Brazil where you won’t feel like a contestant on a beauty pageant.


Do you have a rare personality trait


Although we are all unique, there are certain personality traits and types that are rare. Most of us actually share the same or similar personalities and we choose which trait to display based on the situation. But there are some who have rare or uncommon traits that make them appear unique to others.

The reason most of us are not as “special” as we would like to perceive is that despite being born with unique traits, majority of us begin to conform to social and cultural norms from a very young age. In other words, many of us are go against the grain of our personalities.

For example, it is uncommon to find a strong willed feminist girl in cultures that inflict male dominance. This girl will start out strong willed at youth and be that way till she dies. This isn’t to say that the population won’t have many strong willed girls born, but for the sake of their own welfare and peace of mind, many of those girls will alter their personalities to adhere to cultural expectations. Thus the number of girls who actually adhere to their own values and principals begins to decrease as more girls start to alter who they are in order to fit the norm.

I once had the pleasure of being part of and talking to a research team who specialize in personality types in order to find out which personalities are commonly found. Below is a list of other rare types of people and personalities.

1. Consistent people

Consistency among humans is quite rare indeed. We have emotions and egos that make us inconsistent majority of the time. While most will sway back and forth, a consistent person can maintain the same emotion and mood for a long period of time. They can also repeatedly do something without getting tired or bored.

Now by consistent, I don’t mean habit. We all have consistent habits. Consistent people are a type and they remain that type their whole lives.

A man who is consistently generous will live that way despite what life may do to him to encourage him to stop. He will be that way in virtually every situation and age. Most of us display different personalities based on what we think is appropriate for that situation, but a consistent person generally behaves the same way. Consistent people are not as affected by social norms and status quos or even their own person feelings that tell them to behave one way or another. They act almost as if they are programmed that way.

2. Life learners

While we can all admit that we learn our whole lives long, not many people learn with vigor and enthusiasm  all their lives. In fact, many stop seeking new information about life and themselves once they get into their 30s.

Life learners don’t just keep on learning though; they display a high level of enthusiasm about each and everything they learn. Some may call them geeks, but the term isn’t accurate because unlike geeks, life learners aren’t concerned about “mastering” one topic. They read an abundant amount of information (far more than the average person), always try new things, and never lose that childlike wonder about the world. The degree of their interest about everything they learn makes them rare.

A life learner child won’t complain about having homework because they see it as a means to expand their mind. This doesn’t mean they’ll be the smartest in the class; they may only maintain average grades, but their high intensity enthusiasm will make them able to take on many challenging tasks without complaint.

Life learners are rare for several reasons, one being they are not afraid to be wrong. The world doesn’t give leeway for too many errors in life so most people develop a fear of failure very early in life. A life learner can handle making multiple mistakes, because they see it as part of the learning process.

Another reason they are rare is because the average person does not actually like the unknown. It’s nice in movies, but we wouldn’t actually want to be dropped in the middle of nowhere or not know what is going on life. Life learners embrace the unknown. It’s just another reason to learn and apply what they already know. These types of people rarely complain about the challenges they face. It strangely excites them.

2. Focused people

Most people don’t have the high levels of concentration required to “master” a task or field. It’s a rare personality trait, but can be found in people who suffer mental and behavior disorders interestingly enough.  While the average person can take in new information for about 6omin before their brain begins to tune out, a focused person can spend more than 8hours reading and focussing on a single task.

This doesn’t imply simply reading text, but absorbing and being fully engaged in the task or text. Majority of people tune out, but a highly concentrated person can do things, especially on repetition, for long hours with the same amount of focus as when they began.

This not only makes them great students, but it often gives them an edge in the work field. While others experience “burn out” after a few hours, a focussed person is still fully mentally energized to keep going.

3. Harmonized or balanced people

Only about 4 percent of the world’s population make up this personality group. A balanced or harmonized person doesn’t mean zen or stable(but they can often seem to be), it’s a person who, in most personality tests, would fall on the middle. This is mostly due to the fact that they contain the extremes of most personalities, but enough so that they balance out.

For instance, if you were to do a personality test to see if you were extroverted or introverted, chances are you would be come out as one or the other. Even if you displayed traits from both sides, one side would most likely cancel out the other. A harmonized person would not fit the chart because they truly contain enough qualities to qualify them as both.

They don’t have personalities that you can peg down because  all harmonized people have one thing in common: they are exactly down the middle in terms of being “thinking” vs “feeling.” Majority of people are one or the other. It plays a role in how you make life decisions. Some may go with their gut as a natural go to, while others will naturally begin to logically decipher what to do. It’s not something we can control. It is a natural reaction. A harmonized person has the option of being both.

The reason these types may be so rare is that most people exercise one side of their personality more than others. So while we might all be born as both thinking and feeling, few of us will go through life equally using both sides. As life gives you more obstacles, you learn to use a certain traits and they make up a dominate side of your personality.

A harmonized person never really settles on one side of themselves. No side dominates in their personality, and they tend to go through life using much of their traits equally.

4. Ordinary people

This personality does not mean the person is ordinary, it means they are ok with it. Next to harmonized people, it may be one of the rarest personalities in the world. One reason could be it completely goes against most social norms. We are encouraged to be extraordinary in some way; leave your mark, stand out, be “special.”

Most people who will read this article will immediately look for a “rare” trait within themselves, because rare is associated with being “special.” An ordinary person neither cares nor wants to be special.

An ‘ordinary’ person is someone who is fully content in virtually every stage of their life. This is very rare, because most people go through life attempting to change something about themselves. They don’t find full contentment, and need to find meaning or purpose to their life.

An ordinary person sees that life is the purpose and does not seek to give their life value with externals. This doesn’t mean they don’t work hard or enjoy life. In most cases, they enjoy life more because they are fully appreciative with whatever they have in every moment of their life. Their lack of “wanting more” can make them ordinary to the outside world, but it makes them a pretty extraordinary personality.

There are probably dozens of uncommon traits in the human population that make those who host them seem quite unique, but in the general sense all of us are quite special.


VNA Magazine caught up with French street artist Miss Van in Sao Paulo late last year. Filmed by Dscreet, this video features an interview with Miss Van as she shares the inspirations behind her provocative feline dolls.

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Around the world in 8 songs

Country: Canada

Artist: Chromeo

Song: Night by night

Chromeo is a Canadian electrofunk duo formed in 2004 in Montreal. While I’m not the biggest fan of their music, I will say their music videos are pretty good and they do offer some good dance tracks to get your groove on to.

Country: France

Artist: C2C


C2C (formerly known as Coups2Cross) is a French turntable group created in 1998.

The group consist of four members: 20Syl and Greem, from Hocus Pocus, Atom and Pfel from Beat Torrent, all from the city of Nantes.

I don’t see too many turnable groups and thought this was an interesting concept for a band.

Artist: Jhameel

Country: America

Song: Shadow of a man

Jhameel is an American artist. No one knows much knows much about him, including his real name. But over the past 3 years he’s been growing a following with his 80’s-esque dance tracks.

Country: England

Artist: Charli XCX

Song: Nuclear Seasons

Charlotte Aitchison better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is an English singer-songwriter. She started her own on the playground when she was around eight.

Country: Philippnes

Arist: Callalily

Song: Pasaslamat

Callalily is an all OPM band from the Philippines, composed of Kean Cipriano, Tatsi Jamnague, Aaron Ricafrente and Lemuel Belaro.

Country: Italy

Artist: Marco Carta

Song: Scelgo Me

Maro Carta is an Italian singe. In 2007, he participated as a singer in the Talent Show Amici di Maria De Filippi. On 16 April 2008, he won the competition with 75% of the public vote,[winning 300,000 euros and a contract with Warner Music Italy. Since winning, he has appeared on many television programs, such as the Wind Music Awards and the Partita del Cuore 2008.

Country: Germany

Artist: Bido

Song: Bilder im kopf

Paul Hartmut Würdig, better known as Sido, is a German rapper. The name “Sido” is an abbreviation which stands for “superintelligentes Drogenopfer”, or “Scheiße in dein Ohr” in earlier times.

Country: Spain

Artist: Melendi

Song: Lágrimas desordenadas

 In February 2003, Melendi released his first solo disc called “Sin noticias de Holanda”, with twelve songs. In December 2003, this disc was rereleased with two new songs, “Asturias” and “Moratalá”. However, he reached true fame with the 2004 Vuelta a España chose his song “Con la luna llena” as its official theme. In May 2004, he started a small tour around Spain, selling 50,000 copies of his CD, making it a Gold Album.

Costa Rica Bans Virtually All Hunting

For years, Costa Rica’s environmentalists have been trying to ban hunting. In 2012, they forced a bill in front of the lesgislature which passed and is poised to make it the first country in the Americas to ban virtually all hunting.

This tropical country, known for its national parks and ecotourism, has always advocated for their protection of its wildlife and environment. This hunting takes it a step further and though some are pleased with the passing of the bill many, such as the hunters, are fighting it. Though Costa Rica does not have a lot of hunters a talk with its environmentalists will reveal to you that hunting has caused problems in certain parts of the country.
Take Tapantí National Park, a patch of tropical rainforest in the heart of Costa Rica.

“Purisíl is a town close to the national park,” said park ranger Leonel Delgado Pereira. “(It) has many, many hunters.”

These hunters outside the park have caused trouble inside, says Delgado Pereira. He says sometimes hunters sneak into Tapantí to kill animals, even though it is illegal. At other times, they hunt with their dogs along the border of the park, and occasionally the dogs escape and end up killing animals in the park or getting killed themselves.

Delgado Pereira says recently a group of hunters blamed the disappearance of their dogs on a rare black jaguar, and in retaliation, the men killed the jaguar.

These types of activities have caused a noticeable decline of animals within Tapantí and in other protected areas, says Delgado Pereira.


Around the world in 8 songs

Country: Japan

Tommy Heavenly6

Song: Monocrome Rainbow

I first stumbled upon the Japanese songtress on youtube a few years ago. I’ve liked jrock and she is one of my favorite japanese rock artists. People call her the Avril Lavigne of Japan but to be quite honest I much prefer her and seeing as how is much older than Avril I don’t think the comparison quite fits. Tommu Heavenly6 always has a darker theme to her videos but this one differs quite a bit from her older work. There are no flying bats, no spooky sounds, just her and her band jamming out.

Country: Peru

Artist: Cesar Paucar

Song: Frantic Festejo

From a concert in Lima Peru on Oct. 16, 2007, Cesar Paucar performs “Frantic Festejo” from his CD “De amanecida” (At Dawn’s Door). It is a jazz approach to Peruvian music, where guitar and percussion engage in a dialog. Cajon player: Julio Tirado.

Country: Korea

Artist: Seo In Yong

Song: Anymore

Seo In Yong is a Korean pop artist who used to be part of the group Jewlery. She has a reputation for being a bit high maintenance but that aside the girl can sing, especially live. Anymore, her more recent song, is not my favorite but it is catchy.

Country: Australia

Artist: John Butler

Song: Ocean

John Charles Butler is an Australian American musician, songwriter, record label owner and producer. He is the front man for the John Butler Trio, a roots and jam band, which formed in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1998.

Country: America

Artist: Jenny Lewis

Song: You are what you love

Jennifer Diane “Jenny” Lewis (born January 8, 1976)  is an American singer-songwriter musician and actress. She was the primary vocalist of the indie rock band Rilo Kiley,  and has released two solo albums. She currently performs as part of the duo Jenny & Johnny with boyfriend Johnathan Rice.

Country: Hawaii

Artist: Hapa

Song: Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai

Country: Scottland

Artist: Tango in the attic

Song: Off to…

Tango in the Attic are a Scottish lo-fi, garage, pop band from Glenrothes, formed in 2008. The band consists of Daniel Craig – vocals, Jordan Craig – guitar, Jonathan MacFarlane – organ James Crook – bass and Paul Johnson – drums

Country: Belgium

Artist: marble sounds

Song: time to sleep

Marble sounds is a Belgium pop band though their music has a folk/alternative sound to it.

Belgium claims ownership of French fries – FRANCE 24

AFP – Fries, crunchy, salty, tasty fried sticks of potato are claimed both by Belgium and France as the product of their national gastronomic genius but the true origins are shrouded in popular folklore.

“Fries, they are the orphan of street cooking, of low birth. That is why it’s hard to establish where they really come from,” says French historian Madeleine Ferriere.

The provenance of the humble fried potato, or chip for the English, is a matter of dispute among experts, especially in Belgium where they are the national dish and a symbol of pride for a country sharply divided between a Flemish-speaking north and a French south.

“Belgians love fries but there was no scientific research on the issue until recently,” Pierre Leclerc, professor at the University of Liege, told a recent forum in the capital.

There are many theories and and just as many claims to paternity.

In France, fries supposedly first saw the light of day on ‘Pont Neuf’, the oldest bridge in Paris, where street hawkers began selling them just before the French Revolution in 1789.

“They offered deep-fried food, horse chestnuts and slices of potato rissole,” said Ferriere.

This Paris origin theory has a long history and has been widely accepted and repeated despite Belgian claims that fries were in fact invented in Namur, in the south of their country.

The story goes that people there needing a cheap meal would fish in the River Meuse, frying what they caught.

In bad winters, as was often the case, the river would freeze so they would cut up potatoes into the shape of small fish and fry them instead, Leclerc says, though he concedes that might be a bit fanciful.

“At the end of the day, we do not care where fries came from. What counts, is what has been done with them,” said Roel Jacobs, specialist in the history of Brussels and its culture.

“The French and the Belgians took different tracks. For the French, fries normally go with meat, usually a steak while the Belgians eat them on their own or with a sauce,” Jacobs said.

“We Belgians, we have made fries a noble food, much more than just a vegetable,” proudly claims Albert Verdeyen, chef and co-author of the book “Simply Fries”.

“Above all, we have mastered better than anyone else the art of double-cooking, so that the fries are golden and crusty,” Verdeyen says.

To be worthy of the name, Belgian fries are cooked first in beef fat at 140 degrees C (284 degrees F). Taken out and left to rest, they are cooked a second time at 160 degrees, to make them crunchy on the outside with a soft centre.

If the French eat them with a fork from a plate, at a restaurant or at home, the Belgians prefer to tackle them with their fingers, at any time of the day.

Across the country, there is a close-knit network of ‘Fritkot’, stalls, seen usually on town squares or busy streets, often with long patient queues waiting.

“More than 90 percent of Belgians will stop at a stall at least once a year,” said Bernard Lefevre, head of the national industry association.

“To go to a Fritkot, that is the very essence of being a Belgian,” says Philippe Ratzel who owns the Clementine stall, one of the most popular in Brussels.

“Here, you can meet anyone — the old lady who is taking her dog out for a walk, students or even the government minister who lives nearby,” Ratzel says.




Belgium claims ownership of French fries – FRANCE 24.

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