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Blackface and Bloodstains

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Fall, the season of racism.

Every October people around the world get dressed up and attend various costumed parties or functions, usually in some connection to Halloween. Inevitably stories and pictures emerge of white people dressing up in racial or cultural costumes that some find racist and offensive.

People of many different cultures have been addressing this issue for some time.  There are even whole awareness campaigns based around it. Last year I did my part and I received my first suspension on Twitter for calling out numerous people on their racist Native American costumes. However, no matter how many times this is addressed, it happens again every single year.

This year I had not planned on writing anything but stories of racist costumes began to crop up on my news feed.

Colorlines ran an article about a girl in Australia who had an “African” themed party.  The result was…

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Japanese Pop Culture – Just for nerds?

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Until very recently, if you enjoyed anything to do with Asian pop culture, you would be considered a ‘nerd’, even in London, the home of diversity and cultural differences.

Now, you may think it’s only lonely teenage boys who sit in front of a computer watching anime all day, but anime, manga and Japanese ‘Lolita’ fashion have become huge in the Western world, yet it’s still receiving a mixed response.
I’ve set out to find out what is so appealing about Japanese pop culture and whether or not it’s seen as something reserved for the ‘nerd community’.

First I’ll break down the terminology:

  • Anime is Japanese cartoons, not necessarily for children; in fact a lot of them are filled with adult themes and gore. Some famous ones include ‘Pokémon’, ‘Naruto’ and ‘Death Note’.
  • Manga is the Japanese term for comic books, a lot of anime is based on manga, the…

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What kind of Asian are you?

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If I had a dollar for everytime someone said “you’re english is amazing, where are you from?”

Where are you (originally) from?

My daughter shared this video link with me, which is a hilarious, if not sad take on the question: “Where are you really/originally from?”

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