The Art Of Brewing Turkish Coffee

Michael Martinez of was good enough to post an article about a turkish festival happening in downtown reno, in it he described how to make Turkish coffee, something I’ve always wanted know:

To prepare a Turkish coffee and serve it in a traditional way, you need a Turkish coffee pot called a cezve. The special pot has a wide bottom, narrower neck, a spout and a long handle. You must have Turkish coffee, which is ground extra-fine, a Turkish coffee cup (or a fincan) and cold water. Sugar, to sweeten the drink, is natural. If you have Turkish coffee beans, consider a Turkish coffee grinder (which is called a kahve degirmeni).

Add one cup of cold water for each person into the pot and one teaspoonful grounded Turkish coffee for each cup while the water is cold and stir it with a spoon. Sugar can be added at this time.

After you add coffee and sugar in cold water and stir them, place the pot over low heat. The slower you heat the better coffee will taste. Wait for the mixture to boil and don’t stir until it starts boiling. When the coffee starts boiling on low heat, transfer the foam on top of the pot equally into the cups as it develops. Without this foam, coffee loses much of its taste. Then continue heating until coffee boils again. Once it boils, pour it into your cups.

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