Around the world in 8 songs

“Around the world in 8 songs” is a new segement that lets you travel by ear. Each month I’ll bring you tracks from different artists and bands across the globe. Genres will vary as I try to collect songs covering different styles of music. Many of these artists are new to me, a couple are old favorites.  This month we hear dance, alternative, and club beats from countries like Turkey, Sweden, Yemen and more.

Liam Finn

Song: Cold Feet

Liam Mullane Finn (born 24 September 1984 in Melbourne, Australia) is a New Zealand musician and songwriter. Born in Australia, he moved to New Zealand as a child. He is the son of pop musician Neil Finn (of Split Enz, Crowded House and Finn Brothers).

Sara Noxx

Song: Vampire

Sara Noxx is a German musician and artist. She is one of the award winners of the 1997 Zillo band contest.

Vanness Wu

Song: Reason

He sings in several languages and I wanted to share one of my favorite Japanese tracks from him.

Vanness Wu  is a American-born Taiwanese actor, singer, director, producer based in Asia. He was born on August 7, 1978 in Santa Monica, California and worked as a telemarketer before moving to Taiwan. Wu takes part in the Christian movement called the Moral Revolution, which emphasizes the importance of sexual intercourse only within marriage.

Anna Carina

Song: Dime

Anna Carina Copello Hora (Lima, August 14, 1981) is a peruvian dancer, actress, pop singer-songwriter and guitarist, known professionally asAnna Carina. Anna Carina is very popular in Peru, Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Venezuela. In 2010, she was nominated for the Premios Orgullosamente Latino: Group of the Year, Song of America, Disco Latino Latino of the Year, and Video of the Year.

Keziah Jones

Song:where is life

Keziah Jones (born Olufemi Sanyaolu on January 10, 1968 in Lagos, Nigeria) is a Nigerian singer-songwriter and guitarist. He describes his musical style as “Blufunk”, which is a fusion between raw blues elements and hard, edgy funk rhythms. Also his Nigerian roots in Yoruba music and soul music can be considered a major influence on his sound.

He is known for his distinctive style of guitar playing, including his percussive right-hand technique which is similar to a bass guitarist’s slapping technique. He’s also famous for playing most of his live shows with a bare torso.


Song: Is it Alright

FreddeGredde (born 16 September 1985) is the stage name of Swedish singer and musician Fredrik Larsson. FreddeGredde gained fame through YouTube and became the number one subscribed channel in Sweden. His first album “Thirteen Eight” was released on 13 September 2011 by White Knight Records

Nezihe Kalkan

Song: Depresif Kukla

Nezihe Kalkan (born 1979 in İzmir, Turkey), better known as Nez, is a popular Turkish dancer and singer known for her modern-oriental hybrid dancing style combined with techno-inspired pop music.

She spent a long time in the UK for education and after returning to her home country in early 2000s, she started performing regularly in a renowned jazz club in Istanbul with a unique show. She currently has two albums.


Song: Hasses Beya

Arwa (Arabic: أروى‎), born Iman Salem Ba’amiran (Arabic: إيمان سالم باعميران‎) on July 27, 1976 in Kuwait, is a female Yemeni singer and television host.

At the age of ten her family moved to Cairo where she later received her education at Cairo University studying engineering. She began her singing career in 1999 and has released four albums.


If you would like to be part of this segment, either by submitting your own band tracks, or offering a suggestion for a band/artist you love please visit this page. For artists and bands looking to particpate, you must provide a blurb about your band less than 200 words as well as an original sample track or video.


Credit: Band/artist info taken from Wikipedia, videos from youtube


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