Around the world in 8 songs

Country: Japan

Tommy Heavenly6

Song: Monocrome Rainbow

I first stumbled upon the Japanese songtress on youtube a few years ago. I’ve liked jrock and she is one of my favorite japanese rock artists. People call her the Avril Lavigne of Japan but to be quite honest I much prefer her and seeing as how is much older than Avril I don’t think the comparison quite fits. Tommu Heavenly6 always has a darker theme to her videos but this one differs quite a bit from her older work. There are no flying bats, no spooky sounds, just her and her band jamming out.

Country: Peru

Artist: Cesar Paucar

Song: Frantic Festejo

From a concert in Lima Peru on Oct. 16, 2007, Cesar Paucar performs “Frantic Festejo” from his CD “De amanecida” (At Dawn’s Door). It is a jazz approach to Peruvian music, where guitar and percussion engage in a dialog. Cajon player: Julio Tirado.

Country: Korea

Artist: Seo In Yong

Song: Anymore

Seo In Yong is a Korean pop artist who used to be part of the group Jewlery. She has a reputation for being a bit high maintenance but that aside the girl can sing, especially live. Anymore, her more recent song, is not my favorite but it is catchy.

Country: Australia

Artist: John Butler

Song: Ocean

John Charles Butler is an Australian American musician, songwriter, record label owner and producer. He is the front man for the John Butler Trio, a roots and jam band, which formed in Fremantle, Western Australia in 1998.

Country: America

Artist: Jenny Lewis

Song: You are what you love

Jennifer Diane “Jenny” Lewis (born January 8, 1976)  is an American singer-songwriter musician and actress. She was the primary vocalist of the indie rock band Rilo Kiley,  and has released two solo albums. She currently performs as part of the duo Jenny & Johnny with boyfriend Johnathan Rice.

Country: Hawaii

Artist: Hapa

Song: Ka Uluwehi O Ke Kai

Country: Scottland

Artist: Tango in the attic

Song: Off to…

Tango in the Attic are a Scottish lo-fi, garage, pop band from Glenrothes, formed in 2008. The band consists of Daniel Craig – vocals, Jordan Craig – guitar, Jonathan MacFarlane – organ James Crook – bass and Paul Johnson – drums

Country: Belgium

Artist: marble sounds

Song: time to sleep

Marble sounds is a Belgium pop band though their music has a folk/alternative sound to it.


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