Around the world in 8 songs

Country: Canada

Artist: Chromeo

Song: Night by night

Chromeo is a Canadian electrofunk duo formed in 2004 in Montreal. While I’m not the biggest fan of their music, I will say their music videos are pretty good and they do offer some good dance tracks to get your groove on to.

Country: France

Artist: C2C


C2C (formerly known as Coups2Cross) is a French turntable group created in 1998.

The group consist of four members: 20Syl and Greem, from Hocus Pocus, Atom and Pfel from Beat Torrent, all from the city of Nantes.

I don’t see too many turnable groups and thought this was an interesting concept for a band.

Artist: Jhameel

Country: America

Song: Shadow of a man

Jhameel is an American artist. No one knows much knows much about him, including his real name. But over the past 3 years he’s been growing a following with his 80’s-esque dance tracks.

Country: England

Artist: Charli XCX

Song: Nuclear Seasons

Charlotte Aitchison better known by her stage name Charli XCX, is an English singer-songwriter. She started her own on the playground when she was around eight.

Country: Philippnes

Arist: Callalily

Song: Pasaslamat

Callalily is an all OPM band from the Philippines, composed of Kean Cipriano, Tatsi Jamnague, Aaron Ricafrente and Lemuel Belaro.

Country: Italy

Artist: Marco Carta

Song: Scelgo Me

Maro Carta is an Italian singe. In 2007, he participated as a singer in the Talent Show Amici di Maria De Filippi. On 16 April 2008, he won the competition with 75% of the public vote,[winning 300,000 euros and a contract with Warner Music Italy. Since winning, he has appeared on many television programs, such as the Wind Music Awards and the Partita del Cuore 2008.

Country: Germany

Artist: Bido

Song: Bilder im kopf

Paul Hartmut Würdig, better known as Sido, is a German rapper. The name “Sido” is an abbreviation which stands for “superintelligentes Drogenopfer”, or “Scheiße in dein Ohr” in earlier times.

Country: Spain

Artist: Melendi

Song: Lágrimas desordenadas

 In February 2003, Melendi released his first solo disc called “Sin noticias de Holanda”, with twelve songs. In December 2003, this disc was rereleased with two new songs, “Asturias” and “Moratalá”. However, he reached true fame with the 2004 Vuelta a España chose his song “Con la luna llena” as its official theme. In May 2004, he started a small tour around Spain, selling 50,000 copies of his CD, making it a Gold Album.


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