Do you have a rare personality trait


Although we are all unique, there are certain personality traits and types that are rare. Most of us actually share the same or similar personalities and we choose which trait to display based on the situation. But there are some who have rare or uncommon traits that make them appear unique to others.

The reason most of us are not as “special” as we would like to perceive is that despite being born with unique traits, majority of us begin to conform to social and cultural norms from a very young age. In other words, many of us are go against the grain of our personalities.

For example, it is uncommon to find a strong willed feminist girl in cultures that inflict male dominance. This girl will start out strong willed at youth and be that way till she dies. This isn’t to say that the population won’t have many strong willed girls born, but for the sake of their own welfare and peace of mind, many of those girls will alter their personalities to adhere to cultural expectations. Thus the number of girls who actually adhere to their own values and principals begins to decrease as more girls start to alter who they are in order to fit the norm.

I once had the pleasure of being part of and talking to a research team who specialize in personality types in order to find out which personalities are commonly found. Below is a list of other rare types of people and personalities.

1. Consistent people

Consistency among humans is quite rare indeed. We have emotions and egos that make us inconsistent majority of the time. While most will sway back and forth, a consistent person can maintain the same emotion and mood for a long period of time. They can also repeatedly do something without getting tired or bored.

Now by consistent, I don’t mean habit. We all have consistent habits. Consistent people are a type and they remain that type their whole lives.

A man who is consistently generous will live that way despite what life may do to him to encourage him to stop. He will be that way in virtually every situation and age. Most of us display different personalities based on what we think is appropriate for that situation, but a consistent person generally behaves the same way. Consistent people are not as affected by social norms and status quos or even their own person feelings that tell them to behave one way or another. They act almost as if they are programmed that way.

2. Life learners

While we can all admit that we learn our whole lives long, not many people learn with vigor and enthusiasm  all their lives. In fact, many stop seeking new information about life and themselves once they get into their 30s.

Life learners don’t just keep on learning though; they display a high level of enthusiasm about each and everything they learn. Some may call them geeks, but the term isn’t accurate because unlike geeks, life learners aren’t concerned about “mastering” one topic. They read an abundant amount of information (far more than the average person), always try new things, and never lose that childlike wonder about the world. The degree of their interest about everything they learn makes them rare.

A life learner child won’t complain about having homework because they see it as a means to expand their mind. This doesn’t mean they’ll be the smartest in the class; they may only maintain average grades, but their high intensity enthusiasm will make them able to take on many challenging tasks without complaint.

Life learners are rare for several reasons, one being they are not afraid to be wrong. The world doesn’t give leeway for too many errors in life so most people develop a fear of failure very early in life. A life learner can handle making multiple mistakes, because they see it as part of the learning process.

Another reason they are rare is because the average person does not actually like the unknown. It’s nice in movies, but we wouldn’t actually want to be dropped in the middle of nowhere or not know what is going on life. Life learners embrace the unknown. It’s just another reason to learn and apply what they already know. These types of people rarely complain about the challenges they face. It strangely excites them.

2. Focused people

Most people don’t have the high levels of concentration required to “master” a task or field. It’s a rare personality trait, but can be found in people who suffer mental and behavior disorders interestingly enough.  While the average person can take in new information for about 6omin before their brain begins to tune out, a focused person can spend more than 8hours reading and focussing on a single task.

This doesn’t imply simply reading text, but absorbing and being fully engaged in the task or text. Majority of people tune out, but a highly concentrated person can do things, especially on repetition, for long hours with the same amount of focus as when they began.

This not only makes them great students, but it often gives them an edge in the work field. While others experience “burn out” after a few hours, a focussed person is still fully mentally energized to keep going.

3. Harmonized or balanced people

Only about 4 percent of the world’s population make up this personality group. A balanced or harmonized person doesn’t mean zen or stable(but they can often seem to be), it’s a person who, in most personality tests, would fall on the middle. This is mostly due to the fact that they contain the extremes of most personalities, but enough so that they balance out.

For instance, if you were to do a personality test to see if you were extroverted or introverted, chances are you would be come out as one or the other. Even if you displayed traits from both sides, one side would most likely cancel out the other. A harmonized person would not fit the chart because they truly contain enough qualities to qualify them as both.

They don’t have personalities that you can peg down because  all harmonized people have one thing in common: they are exactly down the middle in terms of being “thinking” vs “feeling.” Majority of people are one or the other. It plays a role in how you make life decisions. Some may go with their gut as a natural go to, while others will naturally begin to logically decipher what to do. It’s not something we can control. It is a natural reaction. A harmonized person has the option of being both.

The reason these types may be so rare is that most people exercise one side of their personality more than others. So while we might all be born as both thinking and feeling, few of us will go through life equally using both sides. As life gives you more obstacles, you learn to use a certain traits and they make up a dominate side of your personality.

A harmonized person never really settles on one side of themselves. No side dominates in their personality, and they tend to go through life using much of their traits equally.

4. Ordinary people

This personality does not mean the person is ordinary, it means they are ok with it. Next to harmonized people, it may be one of the rarest personalities in the world. One reason could be it completely goes against most social norms. We are encouraged to be extraordinary in some way; leave your mark, stand out, be “special.”

Most people who will read this article will immediately look for a “rare” trait within themselves, because rare is associated with being “special.” An ordinary person neither cares nor wants to be special.

An ‘ordinary’ person is someone who is fully content in virtually every stage of their life. This is very rare, because most people go through life attempting to change something about themselves. They don’t find full contentment, and need to find meaning or purpose to their life.

An ordinary person sees that life is the purpose and does not seek to give their life value with externals. This doesn’t mean they don’t work hard or enjoy life. In most cases, they enjoy life more because they are fully appreciative with whatever they have in every moment of their life. Their lack of “wanting more” can make them ordinary to the outside world, but it makes them a pretty extraordinary personality.

There are probably dozens of uncommon traits in the human population that make those who host them seem quite unique, but in the general sense all of us are quite special.


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