Around the world in 8 songs July 2013

Country: Scotland

Artist: Mylo

Song: Guity of Love

Mylo (Myles MacInnes) is a Sottish DJ and producer who has provided remixes for artists like The Killers, Amy Winehouse and The Knife to name a few. His songs have a funky electronic beat. Mylo’s success has been a catalyst for a burgeoning dance music scene in the Isle of Skye.

Country: Turkey

Artist: Tarkan

Song: Kuzu Kuzu

Tarkan was (and still is) one of my favorite artists. I heard of him from a penpal I had when I was younger, and fell in love with his voice the first time I heard him. Known for his sexy dance beats, infused with Turkish flavor and controversal lyrics (by Turkish standards), he is one of the few pop artists that has managed to span his success over three continents, without singing in English. Though he does speak, sing, and have Englsih tracks. According to the Washington Post, his effect on Turkey can be compared to Elvis Presley in the U.S.

Country: Puerto Rico

Artist: Tito El Bambino

Song: desnudarte

Tito El Bambino (Efraín David Fines Nevares) is a Puerto Rican pop artist. As a Latin pop singer, this man is quite talented. He is able to create multiple generes of works that always seem to be highly addictive and catchy. In 2010 his song, “El Amor”, written with Joan Ortiz Espada, was awarded Latin Song of the Year by the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP). He was awarded Songwriter of the Year at the 2011 ASCAP.

Country: Berlin

Artist: Stero Total

Song: C’est la mort

Stereo Total is a Berlin-based multilingual, French-German duo comprising Françoise Cactus (born Françoise Van Hove and formerly co-leader of the West Berlin band Les Lolitas) and Brezel Göring. Their songs are very playful and catchy. Though they don’t always make sense.

Country: Canada

Artist: Alanis Morissette

Song: Ironic

Alanis Nadine Morissette (born June 1, 1974) is a Canadian and American singer-songwriter, guitarist, record producer and actress. She has won 16 Juno Awards and seven Grammy Awards, was nominated for two Golden Globe Awards. Morissette began her career in Canada, and as a teenager recorded two dance-pop albums, Alanis and Now Is the Time, under MCA Records Canada. Her first international album was the rock-influenced Jagged Little Pill, released in 1995. Jagged has sold more than 33 million units globally. Her following album, Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie, was released in 1998 and was a success as well. Morissette took up producing duties for her subsequent albums, which include Under Rug Swept, So-Called Chaos and Flavors of Entanglement. Her eighth studio album, Havoc and Bright Lights, was released on August 28, 2012. Morissette has sold more than 60 million albums worldwide. Morissette is also known for her powerful and emotive mezzo-soprano voice.[8] She has been dubbed as the “Queen of alt-rock angst.”

Country: China

Artist: Miriam Yeung

Song: Biting Lips

The first song I heard form Cantopop and Hong Kong Actress, Miriam Yeung, was Flashing Spirits. That song however, is impossible to find. But it did lead me to discover other songs from her and I’ve been a fan ever since. Before becoming a singer, she was a nurse. She entered the entertainment industry after coming third in the TVB 14th annual New Talent Singing Awards competition in 1995.

Country: Romania

Artist: Andreea Banica

Song: Le Ri Ra

Andreea Banica is a Romanian pop singer whose talent was noticed at 6. She managed to trick her way into a music contest (at the time she was too young to participate) where she won first prize.

Country: England

Artist: Basement Jaxx

Song: Raindrops

Basement Jaxx are a British electronic dance music duo consisting of Felix Buxton and Simon Ratcliffe. The pair got their name from the regular club night they held in their hometown of Brixton, London, UK. They first rose to popularity in the late 1990s. As the British Hit Singles & Albums book duly noted “they surfaced from the underground house scene, are regular transatlantic club chart-toppers and won the BRIT Award for Best Dance Act in 2002 and 2004


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