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Living Patterns is always open to interesting and informative stories happening around the world. We are currently looking for freelancers to contribute to the site. We accept posts of up to 1000 words, photos (up to 6), and video. Living Patterns thoroughly checks for originality in each piece of content. Writers are paid 5 dollars per accepted post paid via paypal. You will be notified via email if your post is accepted. For those submitting photos, artwork or video, you must own the rights. Living Patterns reserves the right to edit any post to suit its audience.

Living Patterns currently only accepts posts in English.

You can submit a post to one of the categories below


If you are passionate about travel and would like to share your story about a location, offer travel advice, or an individual perspective on a cultural event please submit to this category.


If you are a fashion designer or connoisseur this is the place to share your take on the fashion world, what inspires your design, and the local fashion scene in your area


Submit recipes accompanied by a quick story about how it’s important to you or your culture; all recipe posts must include photos. We also accept reviews on local restaurants in your area, or travel food stories.

How to pitch your post:

Send your pitches to for review

When pitching your piece please provide a title, an outline and an author bio. Do not pitch your full post. You are only required to submit your full post once your pitch has been accepted. My audience is interested in how people live in other parts of the world, thus pieces that offer advice, an interesting perspective or useful information are valuable to them.




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